Course Catalog

Updated January 2021

This school is new and in flux, but here's our main courses right now.

Core Classes

Each one of these is five two-hour sessions, plus a show (or sometimes two). 8 students per class, $220 each.

At WGIS, "levels" are suggestions. This is a small community of students who mostly have studied improv already. So be your own judge. If you're itching to learn about The Harold, jump in there. Conversely, if you're sick of the Harold, try level 2 (monoscene). THAT SAID: If you've NEVER really done "game of the scene" style improv, I suggest level one first. Don't let "level one" fool you -- it's not a beginner's class. It's just the one that the other three are built on.

Also I've updated the names and descriptions of these levels but they are largely the same as what they've been the last 6 months, just named more specifically.

Level One: Monologue Show
This is an intro to  “game of the scene” work. It's meant for new people and vets who want to strengthen game of the scene. We go over looking for the "unusual thing" and also being a good "voice of reason." We also practice pulling premises from a monologue. Class show: monologues and scenes.
Leve Two: Monoscene / Pretty Flower
Depending on the teacher, it's either Monoscene or Pretty Flower (those are forms). Either way the focus here is "point of view." What is YOUR character's deal? Class show: A Monoscene or Pretty Flower.
Level Three: Harold
Meant for students ready for a challenge. Second beats, third beats, group games and connections. Use all of your improv muscles: an organic start, big heightening moves, patterns, being inspired by reality and tying it all up. Class show: Harold.
Level Four: Teacher's Choice'
Advanced class, the teacher picks the form. Should have taken at least one of the other levels OR have 3+ years long-form experience somewhere. Email Will if you're not sure. Class show: It depends.

Other Classes

Besides those core classes, we offer lots of stuff depending on who's teaching and what they want.

Sketch 1
We just started doing sketch classes again in 2021. Nate Smith is our first teacher and I expect we will have others.
Improvised Play
Brandon Gardner offers a class in this very fun form.
Find the Fool
Will Hines teaches this workshop frequently. It basically teaches "say yes to the idea that your character is wrong" in the name of getting fun and absurd situations to happen.

And others!