The Slacker

'The Slacker' is a format where improvisers only use tag-outs to transition to new scenes. Great for improvisers who want to work on comedic timing, quickly identifying 'the game of the scene', world building, heightening, and fully exploring the notion of "if this is true, what else is true".

Mon Jul 12 1pm-3pm
Mon Jul 19 1pm-3pm
Mon Jul 26 1pm-3pm
Mon Aug 2 1pm-3pm
Mon Aug 9 1pm-3pm
Show: Mon Aug 16 1pm-2pm

$220 USD, 2 (of 8) enrolled, 0 waiting

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Teacher: Erick Acuna

How This Works

  • All times are California local time (PDT).
  • Pay via Venmo (@wgimprovschool - a business) or Paypal (
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If drop less than 24 hours before, you still must pay! Unless we sell your spot in which case, it's cool.