Write A Sketch

We meet, pitch ideas, and write a sketch. You don't have to have an idea when we start. We'll cover: techniques for thinking of an idea, the "reveal" of the joke, the beats, and the button. Learn to appreciate your first drafts, flaws and all.

Fri Oct 22 10am-1pm (PDT)

$50 USD, 8 (of 8) enrolled

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Teacher: Will Hines

How This Works

  • All times are California local time (PDT).
  • Pay via Venmo (@wgimprovschool - a business) or Paypal (payments@wgimprovschool.com)
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If drop less than 24 hours before, you still must pay! Unless we sell your spot in which case, it's cool.