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Some Things To Know

How does online work?
You need the Zoom app, which is free. On the day of the workshop, or maybe the day before you'll get a link to a Zoom meeting.
Zoom available at:
Can I drop out?
Yes, use the link in your confirmation email to go to the web site, where you can drop out. If you drop within 12 of the start of class, you must still pay for your spot.
How should I pay?
Venmo @willhines, or paypal
What if I'm on a waiting list?
You'll get an email the moment a spot opens up, with a link to ACCEPT or DECLINE.
What's the late policy? Or the policy on leaving early?
Arriving late or leaving early is fine. If you're late I might ask you to wait to join in until I say so.
What levels?
Each workshop/course has a reccomended pre-requiste. But I won't really check. Take the ones you think you can contribute to and get something from.

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