Los Angeles Classes

These classes are in Los Angeles, California. We also have online classes and classes in NYC.

Want to be more involved? Check our community page for info on our chat servers, Facebook group and mailing list. And watch our in person shows and teams!


Beth Appel
Mon Oct 2 7pm (PDT)
$450 USD
Jim Woods and Will Hines
Mon Oct 9 12pm (PDT)
$250 USD - Sold Out
Jim Woods and Will Hines
Mon Oct 9 2:15pm (PDT)
$200 USD - Sold Out
Beth Appel
Sat Oct 14 3pm (PDT)
$160 USD


Cara Popecki
Sat Sep 30 12pm (PDT)
$25 USD - Sold Out
Zeke Nicholson
Sun Oct 1 12pm (PDT)
$30 USD - Sold Out
Ronnie Adrian
Sun Oct 1 3pm (PDT)
$30 USD - Sold Out