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Clubhouse: Fridays 7pm, door code 0279#

WGIS currently has two nights of in-person shows every week in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our shows feature a mixture of class graduation shows, house teams and sets from the teachers.

Broadwater Theater (Wed or Thu 7:30pm, 9pm)
Broadwater Theater is at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. Street parking. $10 optional donation. Our shows are usually in the Black Box Theatre though sometimes on the Second Stage. They're right next to each other.
Clubhouse (Fridays 7pm)

The Clubhouse is a community improv black box theater. It's at 1607 N. Vermont Ave in a shopping center. There's a door code required which is 0279#. See above photo for the kinda hidden entrance! We're in the downstairs (main) stage.

Spring 2023 Shows Schedule

We've got two shows a week (as of Spring 2023). One happens on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and at either Broadwater Theater stages or Madnani Theatre. The second happens every Friday 7pm downstairs at The Clubhouse. See below for exact schedule.

Broadwater Shows (Tue, Wed or Thur 9pm)
Clubhouse Fridays 7pm
Tue May 23: (Madnani)
   7:30pm Bitness Class Shows
   9pm: Toretto / St. Bernard
May 26: Ludacrisp / More Cow Bones / The Bozos

Spring 2023 Roster

Bread Crew: Aaron Singer, Brandon Waters, David Luong, Elizabeth Fain, Emily Ralph, Erik Kistel, Jeremy Sender, Kala Hoke

Ghost Train: Caroline Herlihy, Jason Van Glass, Kelly Hannah, Laney Serface, Meredith Elliott, Mickey Woo, Nolan Purvis, Phil Gould, Ted Asbaghi

Letty: DarylJim Diaz, Jeff Taylor, Nick Luciano, Ray Lew, Rosie Grant, Russell Carter, Sparky Shelton

Ludacrisp: Benedikt Sebastian, BJ Schwartz, Hermie Castillo, Jack de Sanz, Jonathan Carr, Joy Regullano, Sam Di, Sara Keller

More Cow Bones: Brent Mukai, Christine Stemmer, Derek Mari, Elena Martinez, Ezra Parter, Ian Vens, Judith Friedman, Katherine Stiegemeyer

St. Bernard: Amanda Bonar, Artin Sarkisyan, Cara Popecki, Duncan Young, John Bryant, Justin Liu, Lars Midthun, Rocky Strobel

The Sauce: Cassie Grilley, Derek Polka, Isabel Galbraith, Ittai Geiger, James Jelin, Oleg Trofimov, Sahil Desai, Sebastian Davis

Toretto: Alexander Maystrik, Andrew Coppola, Andrew Sproge, Eli Lloyd, Erin Smith, Isabella Escalante, James Werner, Jessica Sproge, Pablo Hernandez