Los Angeles Shows

We currewnt have house teams that perform on Friday nights at The Clubhouse, and a weekly improv drop-in that happens Sunday mornings, also at The Clubouse.

Adam Jilt Play by Play
Clubhouse Fridays jump Clubhouse Location

Clubhouse: Fridays 7pm, door code 0279#

WGIS currently has in-person shows every Friday in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our shows feature a mixture of class graduation shows, house teams and sets from the teachers.

Clubhouse Fridays (Fridays 7pm)

The Clubhouse is a community improv black box theater. It's at 1607 N. Vermont Ave in a shopping center. There's a door code required which is 0279#. See above photo for the kinda hidden entrance! We're in the downstairs (main) stage. Shows hosted by The Bozos!

Broadwater Tuesdays (Tuesdays 8:30pm)

The Studio is one of four stages in The Broadwater Theater Complex. Enter at 1078 Lilian Way. Shows are hosted by superteams Toretto and The Sauce!

2023 Shows Schedule

All shows at The Clubhouse, downstairs theatre, Fridays 7pm. Directions are in the section before this one!

Broadwater Tuesdays
8:30pm Tuesdays, 1078 Lilian Way

Hosted by Toretto and The Sauce
Clubhouse Fridays
7pm Fridays, 1607 N. Vermont Ave.

Hosted by The Bozos
Tue Nov 28
bitness / blender / blender
Fri Dec 1
3prov Tourney
Fri Dec 8
3prov Tourney
Fri Dec 15
3prov Tourney
Fri Dec 22
holiday party
Fri Dec 29
weird shows

Summer 2023 Roster

Ghost Train: Caroline Herlihy, Jason Van Glass, Kelly Hannah, Laney Serface, Meredith Elliott, Mickey Woo, Nolan Purvis, Phil Gould, Ted Asbaghi

Grimace: Becky Howell, Christan Leonard, dennis curlett, John Chapman, Kala Hoke, Lehr Beidelschies, Michael Gardner, Natalie Berg

Moose Room: Anthony Clark Griseto, Derek Mari, Gabriella Bottoni, Krissy Tye, Niko Thiel, Sarah Kylie, Zachary Wentworth

Private Sector: AJ Lubecker, Daryl Lee, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Gwen Thomas, Mitch McMahon, Nick Murhling, Nina P. Castro, Whitney Dillon

Quiet Coyote: Anisa Khamvongsa, Bizzy Fain, Chad Fisher, Gordie Hvolka, Jubilee White, Micky Skurnick, Ryan Brookshire, Zachary Coles

St. Bernard: Amanda Bonar, Artin Sarkisyan, Cara Popecki, Duncan Young, John Bryant, Justin Liu, Lars Midthun, Rocky Strobel

Superbloom: Alene Latimer, Brett Johnson, Dan Pavatich, Mary Stratton, Ryan Casey, Tess Higgins, Trevor Brown

The Sauce: Cassie Grilley, Derek Polka, Isabel Galbraith, Ittai Geiger, James Jelin, Oleg Trofimov, Sahil Desai, Sebastian Davis

Toretto: Alexander Maystrik, Andrew Coppola, Andrew Sproge, Eli Lloyd, Erin Smith, Isabella Escalante, James Werner, Jessica Sproge, Pablo Hernandez

Sunday Morning Improv Drop In

The World's Greatest Improv Drop-In is a series of workshops and classes led by Mike McLendon (WGIS, UCB, Second City, iO) and other guest teachers from the Los Angeles comedy community. Open to all levels, the drop-in is a pay as you go class. Each week will focus on a specific skill or lesson. Students do not have to pre-register. Just show up.

Sundays - 10a-12p (PST)
The Clubhouse - Mainstage (downstairs)
1607 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA 90027
$15 a student

Sunday Drop-In

Weekly updates about the content of that week's drop-in will be posted in the facebook group The World's Greatest Improv Drop-In.

About your teacher Mike McLendon: Mike McLendon has coached house teams at WGIS, UCB, iO, Second City, and The Westside Comedy Theater. He's aso led improv workshops across the U.S. and internationally including stops in China, Japan, and Australia. You can catch Mike performing around Los Angeles in How I Met Your Sitcom and with the *ahem* legendary harold team Outside Dog.