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Be A Better Unusual and Voice Of Reason

This workshop will help give you more experience with both Unusual and Voice of Reason characters. We will work together to help bring your voice to both POV's in order to create fun and Interesting scenes that you will then heighten.

Sat Oct 24 11am-1pm (PST)

$40 USD, 8 (of 8) enrolled, 1 waiting
Teacher: Ronnie Adrian

How This Works

  • All times are California local time (PDT).
  • Pay over Venmo / PayPal -- the specific account info will be sent after you sign up
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If you are enrolled, and the class is sold out, and you drop within 24 hours of the start of the workshop, you still must pay. Otherwise, full refund available.