Metallic Pretty Flower


A Pretty Flower done as robots, androids, an other AI devices. A "Pretty Flower" is basically a monoscene with cut-aways. In this form we do it AS ROBOTS. Logical, rule-following, human-imitating, saying-things-out-loud-as-we-do them robots. Billy is a master of teaching unique forms and this is one. 6 classes, 3 shows. Applications due by Dec 20. Experienced improvisers only.

Location: Online

Thu Jan 6 11am-1pm (PDT)
Thu Jan 13 11am-1pm
Thu Jan 20 11am-1pm
Thu Jan 27 11am-1pm
Thu Feb 3 11am-1pm
Thu Feb 10 11am-1pm
Show: Thu Feb 24 11am-12pm
Show: Thu Mar 3 11am-12pm
Show: Thu Mar 10 11am-12pm

$330 USD, 6 (of 8) enrolled

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Teacher: Billy Merritt

About Billy Merritt: Billy Merritt has been teaching, performing, and directing Improvisational Theatre for over 30 years. Most notably at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre were he's been a member of the staff since it's inception in New York, as well as Los Angeles were he resides now. Billy was one the founding members of The Swarm and The Stepfathers in NY, and The Smokes in LA. As Teacher/Director, Billy has helped develop [along with his students] shows such as The Documentary, The Improvised One Act Play, Roadtrip, and of course... The Garfunkel.

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  • LATE DROP POLICY: If drop less than 12 hours before start of class, we will ask that you still pay for the class.