Premise Initiations (In Person)

Location: Clubhouse Upstairs
1607 N. Vermont Ave.
LA CA 90027
*** Door Code 0279# ***

Sun Mar 13, 2022 12pm-2:30pm (LA)
Sun Mar 20, 2022 12pm-2:30pm
Sun Mar 27, 2022 12pm-2:30pm
Sun Apr 3, 2022 12pm-2:30pm

$180 USD
Class size: 12

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: Four weeks on premise improv. In a way, this is about the fundamentals: know your base reality, have an unusual thing, play it real and heighten. But if we're lucky we'll get to some advanced comedy strategies: bait and switch, playing the player and meta stuff. IN PERSON - LOS ANGELES.
Teacher: Will Hines

About Will Hines: Will has been teaching long-form improv since 2004 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, at both its New York and Los Angeles branches. He's published a best-selling book on improv called How to Be The Greatest Improviser on Earth. He's also a working comedic actor and has appeared on many terrific television programs (Brooklyn 99) and on some big podcasts (Comedy Bang-Bang) as well as the 99 podcasts he's produced himself (including Screw It We're Just Gonna Talk about the Beatles) He's also the founder of the audaciously-named World's Greatest Improv School.

How This Works

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