Say Yes and Say Why (cancelled)

Location: Online

Wed Oct 5, 2022 5pm-7pm (PDT)
Wed Oct 12, 2022 5pm-7pm

$160 USD
Class size: 8

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: Two fundamental skills -- saying yes and saying why -- that make sure you are working with your scene partners but also keeping the scene grounded. This is one of those things that is simple to say but takes practice to get a feel for when you actually do it. Ronnie is a master improviser of saying yes to all choices while also doing what's needed to keep things justified. These are skills you can use to make your long-form scenes better, no matter what the form or show.
Teacher: Ronnie Adrian

About Ronnie Adrian: Originally from South Carolina, Ronnie is now a performer based out of Los Angeles. He performs in cities all around the country and you can often catch him with his various groups most notably The Dragons and The Big Team. He does other things besides comedy but this is a comedy bio so he’ll keep it to himself.

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