Only Characters: Point of View Drills

Location: Online

Sun Feb 11 10am-12pm (PST)

$30 USD
Class size: 9

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: INCLUSION SPOT AVAILABLE. email your name to if interested with how you would add a diverse voice/presence to the class.

A solid point of view (POV) will help you play your character’s game. Learn who your character really is and what they really think, quickly, near the top of the scene.

In this class you will do drills that help you practice establishing and communicating your character POV in different ways. Then get reps doing this in scenes.

You will learn to get into your character’s head quickly so you can get out of yours.
Teacher: Jen deHaan

About Jen deHaan: Jen is an improviser in Canada who started out studying improv at schools including WGIS, Queen City Comedy, Second City, and more. She has run classes and jams with WGIS and Queen City Comedy. In the before-times, Jen enjoyed teaching dance fitness and performing in semi-rural vaudeville/burlesque themed shows both of which took place on stages made of wood. She has an online improv website called and likes making videos and podcast episodes five people listen to. Jen is still working on perfecting her Canadian accent.

How This Works

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