Only Characters: Do YOU, but heightened

Location: Online

Sat Apr 13 10am-12pm (PDT)

$35 USD
Class size: 9

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: INCLUSION SPOT AVAILABLE. email your name to if interested with how you would add a diverse voice/presence to the class.

Characters range greatly. This month you'll practice characters that are versions of YOU heightened in different ways. You keep it real and relatable, but you heighten something neat. You can be YOU as the voice of reason and ground the scene, or play a grounded unusual YOU.

Play with point of view, energy, logic, and reactions. From a grounded energy, how do you communicate your point of view if it's unusual? Learn to play the character of YOU in different ways.
Teacher: Jen deHaan

About Jen deHaan: Jen is an improviser in Canada who has studied improv at schools including WGIS, Queen City Comedy, Second City, and more. She has taught classes and jams with WGIS, Queen City Comedy and Compass Improv. Jen has a degree in teaching adults fine arts, and several related certifications including from Vancouver Film School. In the before-times, Jen enjoyed teaching dance fitness and performing in semi-rural vaudeville-themed comedy shows both of which took place on stages made of wood. She has an online improv website called and likes developing shows and podcasts for digital delivery. Jen is also the Online School Director at WGIS, and has been to four (4) concerts.

How This Works

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