Course Catalog

Updated June 2021

This school is small and always a bit in flux, but here's our main courses right now.


We no longer have levels. We're not big enough to have a program you follow. Instead, just take courses you're interested in. Introductory classes will include the word "Intro" in the title -- those are good for people who have never had any improv before. All others are "intermediate" experience level.

If you really want a very very very loose program to go through, here is a suggested path.

  • Start: Any "intro" course or a course that involves getting ideas from a monologue
  • Next: A course on initations or monoscene or pretty flower. These tend to be structured enough to be good for newer improvisers, but have enough freedom to challenge you.
  • After that: Harolds or La Rondes. More challenging and tend to move faster

Again, these are suggestions. Take the class that excites you. If you're itching to learn The Harold, jump in there. Conversely, if you're sick of the Harold, try Monoscene/ Pretty Flower.